Where do I begin...?

I moved to New Zealand from the home counties in England, with my partner (now husband), in 2004. We were a pair of adventurous souls back then, who had never stepped foot in the place, but packed up (or sold) everything, knowing even before we arrived, that this would be our home. I'd always loved photography but the closest I got to it was poring over my dad's old David Bailey and Annie Leibovitz coffee table books. I started exploring photography properly in 2013, when I got my first decent camera, and when my children were still quite young. I quickly realised that photography filled a gap in my life that had been there for a long time, but which I'd never been quite sure how to fill. It turned out photography fulfilled the creative side of me, that I had long neglected since art classes as a teenager, and (cheesy as it sounds) I finally felt 'complete'. It's fair to say I became quite obsessed with it (as my husband can attest!) but it's this passion that led me to where I am today ~ working as a successful, award winning, full time photographer.

When I'm not shooting, I'm usually hanging out with my kids or my husband, Lee at our home in Christchurch. My boys (Charlie and Oliver) are energetic, funny, twin, 10 year olds who used to be my muses, but are now more like 10 going on 15 and aren't so keen to be in front of the camera. I still do the occasional contract work for my old employer, just to keep my hand in as an occupational therapist, and just because my old team and clients are simply awesome (it's hard to let go of a career that I loved for so long). I enjoy camping, a bit of tramping and lots of yoga. I always enjoy a catch up with friends over a craft beer or a G&T. And I love SPUD, my old black tailless cat.

(I'm also a volunteer photographer for Heartfelt and have been for the past 4 years).

So what does all this mean for you?

It means that I'm doing something that I absolutely love, so I am very passionate about it. I will give you 110% of my effort, I'm infinitely patient and I genuinely care for my clients. I'll ensure that your experience with me is fun and relaxed, and I'll go the extra mile to get the images you want, because I want you to care about these photos as much as I do.

Photo credit: Hazel&Cass


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Kathryn & Ryan

“Our experience with Stacey was second-to-none! Stacey has a fun and relaxed nature that makes you feel instantly at ease in front of the camera. Our wedding portfolio is exceptional and accurately captures those candid moments and emotions throughout the day. We will cherish this forever.”

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